Schooner Adirondack II


Schooner Adirondack II sailing past Newport MansionsThis elegant, 80-foot, turn-of-the-century-style pilot schooner has been a local mainstay in Newport since it joined the Scarano boat fleet in 1999. It has entertained thousands of Newport visitors and locals, and has attracted a large and growing number of passionate regulars who can’t stop coming back for more. Many visitors consider multiple trips aboard the schooner to be a regular and highly anticipated part of their warm-weather seasons. The Schooner Adirondack II features plenty of seating, teak decks and impressive mahogany trim. Guests always enjoy the friendliest and finest service.

Adirondack II has all the elements of a turn of the century pilot schooner and would have looked right at home in Narragansett Bay 100 years ago. The rig on Adirondack II is held in place with Kevlar shrouds, and her underbody carries external ballast taking advantage of modern wooden boat building techniques. The modern underbody is certainly designed in the spirit of the original pilot schooners, which used all the technology available to them to make their vessels as fast and yet as safe as possible. These modern design techniques help to provide a more exciting sailing experience.

Built for speed, pilot schooners were the coastal guide and rescue boats in the bygone era of sail. The primary purpose of the pilot schooner was to deliver a pilot (a seaman with knowledge of local waterways) to the incoming ships to guide them into safe port. Operation of a pilot schooner was a highly competitive business. The fastest schooners were the ones that got their pilots the most work. Pilot schooners patrolled the harbors and often rescued vessels arriving late at night from the dangers of an unfamiliar coastline in dark and threatening waters. Traditional in its appearance but modern in its design and construction, Adirondack II provides unparalleled speed, safety and comfort.

The Schooner Specs

The Adirondack II is a gaff-rigged schooners with a wooden hull, and was completed by Scarano Boat Building in Albany, NY. Schooner Adirondack II was completed in 1999, and was brought to Newport Harbor when the original Schooner Adirondack departed Newport to begin operating out of Chelsea Piers in New York City. She is Coast Guard certified for 57 guests. Her masts reach over 70 feet above deck and has just under 2000 square feet of sail area. She is 65 feet on deck, 80 feet overall, and has a draft of 7 feet. On a high wind day, it is not uncommon for her to reach 10 knots under sail. She is a very lively and fast vessel, and all of her captains feel that she is an absolute dream to operate!

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Morning Mimosa Sail

Start your day with an invigorating sail aboard our classic Newport Schooner. Complete with refreshing Mimosas!  **Special Offer:  Last two weeks of the season Mon-Fri $27 tix

Dark & Stormy Sail

Join us for an early evening sail and a Dark & Stormy - the traditional sailors cocktail. This is the best way to start a relaxing evening in Newport.

Classic Day Sail

Catch a breath of fresh air as we sail you around the harbor and past some of Newport's most famous landmarks.

Sunset Sail

Our most popular sail and always picture perfect. It's great for a romantic evening or to unwind with friends, family and a stunning sunset.

Adirondack II Specifications

Type of Boat
Two Masted Pilot Schooner
U.S. Coast Guard Certified for 60 passengers
Home Port
Newport, RI
Length Over All
Length On Deck
56,000 lbs.
Sail Area
2,000 sq. feet
John Scarano
Scarano Boat Building of Albany, NY


"The 1.5 hr afternoon sail was a perfect part of a day trip to Newport. The staff was very friendly and accommodating, the boat was comfortable and didn't hurt that the weather was perfect as well. We really enjoyed our time on the Adirondack II and wouldn't hesitate to go again or recommend it to others traveling to Newport. It's a great deal for the money and a wonderful memory."